Rever Digital
Is Strategy Driven
Digital Marketing Agency

Since our founding in 2013, we have provided services and solutions that result business growth to all our clients right from Start-ups to Rs. 500 Cr. companies; including Industrial B2B to Consumer Electrical Companies. Recurring business from our existing clients & their network is a positive proof of our successfully delivered results.

We strive harder each day to create an impact on our client’s business to help them grow and build a better brand for their company and capitalize on opportunities. This is what defines us the best. We partner with our clients to make an impact for a long-term business value creation rather than just being another service provider.

It’s not about us; It’s about what we can do for you!

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Our Values

“We believe it is the strategy that drives results.” While everyone is busy thinking on a tactical level, we define strategies that are directly connected to the goals we are aiming for. We align creative to the strategy and not the other way around.

We like being honest and straight forward; we believe it creates better workability and relationships. We don’t like to show candies to the clients, we prefer discussing facts and practical solutions.

We understand that it’s the results that matter, so that is where we start with. We like to work with clear and crisp defined goals which can be converted into precise results.

We believe that growth & success are an outcome of constant & consistent learning and simultaneously putting it to use to do things differently and achieve product expanded results.

Our Team


Founder & Director
Avid nonfiction reader, Food lover, and problem solver. When he is not Heading the team at Rever Digital, you can find him watching self development videos on YouTube. He has done his MA in Advertising & Marketing communications from Bournemouth University (UK). He is Google Certified professional in Analytics, AdWords, also holds a specialization in Online Consumer Behavior.


Finance & Operations
A movie buff, almost fruitarian, Belgium chocolate ice cream lover, someone who can find funny memes on almost anything. She is the one who pays our bills and salaries. She holds a graduation in Accounting and Finance from Mumbai University, also, brings valuable experience in handling operations. When she is not working she can be found watching movies or cooking with music on or gossiping with her family.


Sr. Web Developer
The forever calm guy who is always fanatically typing codes. A brilliant and undercover painter. You can hear his voice only when he orders lunch. Our desk drummer and a real problem solver who always treats us with Dairy Milk. He has completed his PG Diploma in Web Technologies and Programming.


The kind who will make you cry for missing a comma. Psst... She is even a hush hush artist. Obsessed over Books, Minions, Calvin & Hobbes, Elephants and Twitter. She can live without water but not Twitter. Spending most of her time collecting bookmarks, she completed her Post Graduation in Advertising and Copy Writing.


Web Designer
Our dramatic King of Bollywood dialogues and a big poser. Candy wrapper collector. The proprietor of Ctrl C + Ctrl V. The guy who can fix everything with his dimples. He works even works while he naps. The youngest one and multi-talented as a web designer and graphic designer. Pavan has completed his diploma in visual communications and graphics designing.


Account Manager – Twin 1
With the help of tubs of chocolate ice cream and pakodas, Riha graduated in B.A Media and Communication with her specialization in PR, Advertising & Event Management from Dubai. Bollywood buff and a chocolate monster; hide your chocolates or she’ll eat them. Amateur movie reviewer and a huge DIY fanatic who makes extremely cool stuff!


Sr. Graphic Designer – Twin 2
Spends most of the time in watching baby animal videos. Cuddles with his laptop. He’ll stab you if you touch his hair. Our pun master and a fabulous anime artist. After eating all the pizza slices in Dubai, he graduated in B.A Media and Communications - specialized in 2D-3D Graphics and Animation.


Account Manager
An amazing chef who secretly tightens our clothes. Our supervisor of cleanliness and organization and will scold anyone for untidiness. After several naps in Mumbai locals and missing stations, she completed her Post Graduation in Advertising and Media Planning. She is our Ms. Excel guru who waves her magic wand and gets things done.